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BFA Occasional Publications in Biodiversity

Note: not all publications are available as downloads. See also AWF Four Corners Project

No.1 SAVSKILL: A Methodology to Measure and Monitor Biodiversity in Central African Savannas – edited by F.P.D. Cotterill [1995]

No.2a Sites of Interest for Botanical Conservation in the Communal Lands of the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe: Identification and Prioritization – J. Timberlake [May 1996]

No.2b Sites of Interest for Botanical Conservation in the Communal Lands of the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe: Initial Consultation Process – R. Cunliffe [October 1996]

No.3 IUCN Zambezi Basin Wetlands Report, Phase 1 – J. Timberlake [May 1998]

No.4 Biodiversity Assessment of the Lower Guruve Region, Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe – J. Timberlake, R. Drummond, A. Maroyi [June 1998]

No.5 Sites of Interest for Botanical Conservation in the Communal Lands of the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe: Community Consultations – R. Cunliffe [May 1999]

No.6 Vegetation Survey of Parts of the Southern Lowveld, Zimbabwe – J. Timberlake, I. Mapaure, C. Chapano [1999]

No.7 Sites and Species of Conservation Interest for the CESVI Project Area, Southern Zimbabwe – edited by R. Cunliffe [October 2000]

No.8 Biodiversity of the Zambezi Basin Wetlands (4 vols) – edited by J. Timberlake [July 2000]
Vol. I – Main Report
Vol. II – Technical Reviews, Ch. 1 & 2 (Vegetation, Plants)
Vol. II – Technical Reviews, Ch. 3-6 (Mammals, Birds, Herps)
Vol. II – Technical Reviews, Ch. 6-11 (Fish, various invertebrates)
Vol. III – Land Use Change & Human Impacts
Vol. IV – Bibliography

No.9 Biodiversity of the Zambezi Basin – J. Timberlake [2000]

No.10 Notes on Mammal Collections and Biodiversity Conservation in the Ikelenge Pedicle, Mwinilunga District, Northwest Zambia – F.P.D. Cotterill [March 2001]

No.11 Biodiversity and Wilderness Evaluation of the Tchuma Tchato Project Area Surrounding Lake Cabora Bassa, Tete Province, Mozambique (2 vols) – edited by R. Cunliffe [April 2002]
Vol. I – Synthesis
Vol. IIa – Technical Appendices
Vol. IIb – Maps

No.12 Niassa Botanical Expedition, June 2003 – J. Timberlake, J. Golding, P. Clarke [March 2004]

No.13 Biodiversity of the Four Corners Area: Bibliography – J. Timberlake, M. Bailey, P. Mundy [March 2004]

No.14 Biodiversity in the Four Corners Area – Monitoring: A Regional Overview and Establishment of a Monitoring Plot – edited by S. Childes [March 2004]

No.15 Biodiversity of the Four Corners Area: Technical Reviews (2 vols) – edited by J. Timberlake, S. Childes [July 2004] ~~ see side column ~~

No.16 Ecological Processes within the Four Corners Area – F. Robertson [March 2005]

No.17 Bubiana Conservancy Vegetation Survey – J. Timberlake, I. Mapaure [Feb 2007]

No.18 The Impacts of Elephants on Biodiversity in Broadleaved Woodlands of Southern Africa: An Annotated Bibliography – A. Conybeare [2005]

No.19 Distribution, Classification and Conservation of Rainforests in Eastern Zimbabwe [text] – T. Müller [1994 / 2006]
1:250,000 maps [1.7 Mb]; 1:50,000 Maps 1-10 [2 Mb]; Maps 11-20 [1.9 Mb]; Maps 21-30 [2 Mb]; Maps 31-39 [1.7 Mb].
All maps low resolution; high resolution available on CD

No.20 Miombo Ecoregion Vision Report – J. Timberlake, E. Chidumayo [Dec 2001, published 2011]

No.21 The Miombo Ecoregion: Areas of Biological Importance – J.R. Timberlake, F.P.D. Cotterill, P.J. Mundy, D.G. Broadley, B. Marshall, A.J. Gardiner, M. Fitzpatrick [Sept 2001, published 2018]

No.22 Vegetation Descriptions of the Upper Zambezi Districts of Zambia – edited by J. Timberlake, M. Bingham [Dec 2010]

No.23 Vegetation Survey of Mount Gorongosa – T. Müller and others [2008, published Feb 2012]

No.24 The Mafinga Mountains, Zambia – J.R. Timberlake, P.P. Smith, L. Merrett, M. Merrett, W. van Niekirk, M. Sichamba, G. Mwandila & K. Vollesen [Oct 2018]

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