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Biodiversity Foundation for Africa

Conserving Afrotropical biodiversity through knowledge

About BFA

What is Biodiversity

Biodiversity refers to the total variety of all life forms and processes on Earth. It ranges in scale from genetic diversity, through species diversity, populations and communities, to whole landscapes.

What is the BFA

The BFA is a Zimbabwe-registered non-profit Trust formed in Bulawayo in 1992 by a group of scientists and environmentalists. The group works in collaboration with scientists and institutions in the southern and central African region, Europe, UK and the USA.

It consists of a number of professional affiliates internationally recognised in their fields. Most are taxonomists and ecologists based in the region.

Among them, these individuals have many years of experience in their discipline and access to a wide knowledge base, much of which has not been formally published.

Aims of the BFA

In collaboration with the international scientific and donor communities, the BFA aims to:

  • Carry out scientific research into tropical and sub-tropical African biodiversity
  • Preserve and expand biological collections held in museums and herbaria in the southern and central African region
  • Publish the results of such biological research
  • Educate society on the significance of biodiversity and its measurement, and the threats to its continued existence
  • Act as a consulting agency to market the skills of the group.