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Biodiversity Foundation for Africa

Conserving Afrotropical biodiversity through knowledge

Conserving Afrotropical Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Foundation for Africa is a Zimbabwe-based non-governmental organisation comprising regional biodiversity specialists, which undertakes collection, collation and interpretation of organismal biodiversity information.

The BFA is committed to conserving Afrotropical biodiversity through the improvement of scientific knowledge and its incorporation in the planning process.

Previously based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the BFA is not active at present. For queries contact the current Coordinator jonathan@biodiversityfoundation.org.

Our experts

Our experts Scientists and specialists who have been closely involved with running the BFA or in its various projects are shown here.

Our publications

A continuing series of BFA Occasional Publications started in 1995. These are listed and available here.

Some other publications covering biodiversity topics of interest to the BFA’s activities that are not readily available elsewhere (grey literature) are available here.