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BFA Seminars

A list of past Seminars organised by the BFA

View seminar summary in PDF by selecting available topic (only those underlined in green are available as downloads).

Reptilia Zambesiaca – Proposal & Progress. D. Broadley
Databases & Gazetteers. D. Broadley & J. Timberlake
Proposed Wetlands Synthesis. J. Timberlake
Mammals – Chiroptera & Bovids. F. Cotterill
Zimbabwe Biodiversity Booklet. P. Mundy
Biodiversity Survey – Hwange & Matopos National Parks. V. Wilson
Plant – Red Data Lists. J. Timberlake
Species Concepts. F. Cotterill
Marwell Zimbabwe Trust – Origins & Projects. V. Bowman & A. Bowkett
Marwell & Rhinos. T. Woodfine
Thinking Man’s Safari. A. Sparrow
Contribution of Falconry to Conservation. R. Hartley
The Pre-History of Hwange National Park. G. Haynes
Extinction in Elephants, Mammoths & Mastodonts. G. Haynes
The Crisis among Asian Vultures & Warnings to Africa. P. Mundy
‘Problem Cheetah’ Distribution in Relation to Farm Use & Attitudes. G. Purchase
The Ecology & Biodiversity of Chirinda Forest. J. Timberlake
Flatworms & Flies, Spiders & Snails. M. Cumming
Reptiles of the East African Coastal Mosaic. D. Broadley
Elephants, Zimbabwe & CITES. P. Mundy
The Ecology of Spotted Hyaena. J. Salnicki
Wildlife Counts at Waterholes in Hwange National Park. M. Valeix
Status of Cheetah in Communal & Newly Resettled Areas in Zimbabwe. G. Vhurumuku, N. Muzaba & M. Dube
Water Pollution & Endocrine Inhibitors in Bulawayo. Y. Naik
Genetically Modified Organisms. E. Mwenje
Lion and Hyaena – Eternal Enemies. N. Purchase
Biodiversity in Matopos National Park. V. Wilson
Niassa Reserve Botanical Survey. J. Timberlake
Katanga-Bemba Biodiversity. F. Cotterill
Marwell Trust Zimbabwe Student Research Projects. MZT students
Results of Hyaena Research in Hwange National Park. J. Salnicki
African Swine Fever Virus in the Tick Ornithodoros porcinus in Kruger National Park. M. Jacquier
The Ecology of Makgadikgadi Salt Pans & its Flamingo Population. G. McCulloch
The Philosophy and Concept of Species. B. Jongeling
Current Research into Mopane. D. Mlambo
Elephants and their Impacts in South Central Africa. A. Conybeare
Francois Levaillant – 18th Century Ornithologist. P. Mundy